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  3. controls language expression-area of the frontal lobe in left hemisphere that directs muscle movements invloved in speech. Wernicke's Area. controls language reception;usually in the left temporal lobe. GABA (gama aminobutyric acid) Neurotransmitter associated with raising the absolute threshold for a neuron, making it less sensitive.
  4. Apr 15,  · In mammals and birds, sex differences in brain function and disease are thought to derive exclusively from sex differences in gonadal hormone secretions. For example, testosterone in male mammals acts during fetal and neonatal life to cause masculine neural development. However, male and female brain cells also differ in genetic sex; thus, sex chromosome genes acting within cells could Cited by:
  5. Aug 27,  · I explained before that I wanted to check if I fell in some way in a neurodivergence. My reasons to do it outweighed the reasons not to. I have an autistic child and an ADHDer. Both are highly genetic (autism more than ADHD). Some of the members of my .
  6. At the age of 6 years, this 10 year old girl had the sudden onset of a headache over the left frontal area followed by the acute onset of right sided weakness and inability to talk. She couldn’t move her right arm or leg. She could recognize her family and could understand what was said to her but she couldn’t talk.

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