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  1. With Master Bhagwan, Navin Chandra, Prashant Damle, Sudhir Joshi. Vasu Inamdar (Ina) suffers from a disorder where the pictures which he sees comes in his dreams and turn into reality. He discusses this with his wife Shalu and his best friend Digamber Minapure (Mina), Shalu then gets help from Dr A.Z Dcosta (Dika), but Dika turns out to be a fraud and he takes advantage of 6/10(6).
  2. Ina Mina Dika Lyrics: Ina Mina Dika dai damo nika / Maka naka naka chika pika rika / Ina Mina Dika dika, de dai damo nika / Maka naka maka naka, chika pika rola rika / Rumpum posh, rumpum posh.
  3. I hope you love this fast and peppy Kishore Kumar song as much as I do. The starting lyrics are like tongue twisters. I also learnt many new words in the res.
  4. Dec 16,  · Ina mina dika daai damonika Maka naka naka chika pikaa rikaa Ina mina dika dika de daai damonika Makanaka makanaka Chika pikaa rolaa rikaa Ram pam posh ram pam posh. Dil bechun hai koi lene wala Aise vaise to nahi dene wala Suratiyaan hasi ho Umariya jawan ho Koi bhi use dekhe To bas ye gumaan ho Yahi hai yahi hai yahi to hai vo Ina mina dika.
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  7. In this episode, Eena, Meena and Deeka are magicians! They decide to put up a show. Foxie rushes onto the stage as he tries to catch Eena, Meena and Deeka. Foxie.
  8. Eena meena dika, de daai daam nika Maaka naaka maaka naaka, chika pika rola rika Rumpun posh, rumpum posh. Mat socho ki sasta hai sauda Phal paaye, lagayega jo paudha Dil ki ye kyaari, banegi phulwaari Ye duiya jalegi, jalan ki hai maari Hansegi, hansegi, hansegi meri pyaari. Eena meena dika, daai daam nika Maaka naaka naaka, chika pika rika.
  9. ina mina dika, dai damonika maka naka naka, chika pika rika ina mina dika dika de dai damonika makanaka makanaka chika pika rola rika ram pam posh ram pam posh dil bechu, hai koi lene vala aise vaise to nahi dene vala suratiyan hasi ho, umariyan javan ho koi bhi use dekhe to bas ye guman ho/5(59).

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