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  1. Düsseldorf is a album by the German band La!Neu?, recorded in the year following the band's formation in summer The album features several members of the Düsseldorf band Kreidler, and was recorded primarily in the city after which it is jiuringtyczpenworlden.anourgrebenciopatenniepeachphacarde.co was released during a period of intense musical activity for Klaus Dinger, who had just signed to the Japanese record Genre: Krautrock, post punk, art rock.
  2. Seven bridges across the Rhine, countless church towers and high-rise buildings. And an old town, that is known as the "longest bar in the world". Düsseldorf is not only a place for carnival. In just one night, our Nightjet will take you from Vienna, Linz, Innsbruck and Munich to the city centre of the diverse metropolis in Germany's west.
  3. The Symphoniker’s discography comprises CD productions of live concert and operatic performances as well as studio recordings in association with the Städtischer Musikverein zu Düsseldorf. The recording of Richard Strauss‘s tone poem ‘Thus Spake Zarathustra’ () was received with great enthusiasm by the critics.
  4. Düsseldorf in half a day – the ports of call Let’s begin: the (1) Gehry buildings are located on the edge of the Media Harbour at the address Zollhof 1. Irregular floor plans, a bold choice of materials and "tilting" details make the buildings typical of Frank O. Gehry – and also of the city in which they are located: they have become a.
  5. On 29 June, you can experience the Ruhr region in an extra special way for one incredible night. ExtraSchicht, with its lineup of fascinating experiences, Düsseldorf’s Top Events – .
  6. Düsseldorf in one day – the ports of call We begin at the culturally and architecturally important (1) Ehrenhof-Ensemble (Court of Honour) to the north of the Old Town. The complex was built in /26 and amongst other things is home to the Kunstpalast Museum, in which the city’s art collections, the former planetarium – today the.
  7. Sep 08,  · The events in the evening range from DJ-sets, unusual concerts and films nights to lectures, panel discussion and plays – all far from mainstream. The Salon has quickly become one of Düsseldorf’s most popular venues and draws a hip and artsy crowd. Salon des Amateurs, Grabbeplatz 4, Düsseldorf, +49 (0)
  8. Dä Spiegel Night Live. Still a little rough around the edges, Dä Spiegel Night Live has been one of the best venues for live music in central Düsseldorf since the late s. It regularly hosts performances by local pop and rock bands. Most shows begin at .
  9. Classical music, opera, ballet and dance in Düsseldorf, Germany Use Bachtrack's search facility to find concerts, opera and dance events not only in this city but right around the world. Bachtrack has the largest number of upcoming events of any website, and if you want to read reviews of events which have taken place here, or in another.

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